We Offer Natural Dentistry

Diagnostic evaluations & consultations

Endodontic Dentistry root canal treatment

Restorative Dentistry composite, porcelain, zirconium & gold

Oral surgery

Periodontal Dentistry gums & bone treatments for health

Dentures that work well

Organic and Natural Dental Materials

Headache Evaluation & Treatment

Mercury Free Restorations

Facelift-like changes without surgery or injections

Natural Pediatric Dentistry

Bite Stress Reduction Getting Teeth to Fit Together

Keeping Your Own Natural Teeth

Digital x-ray imaging – 80% radiation reduction

Techniques to achieving a natural oral ecology

State-of-the-art & traditional dental techniques that work

Alternative dental medicine options

Natural therapies for periodontal disease


  • Herbal, nutritional and dietary information that can make a big difference
  • Bite stress relief, your face can feel better, you can smile more easily
  • Healthy choices for teeth with dental nerve injury
  • Keeping and maintaining your own teeth naturally
  • Cosmetic dentistry that includes more than veneers and crowns
  • Getting more from your dentistry than you ever considered possible

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