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If you know the why, the what to do and the how to do, become simpler and obvious. Check out our individual staff's why below.

"Dental school didn’t teach me Holistic Dentistry—my patients did. For the last 30+ years, my patients have shown me what really matters. They’ve taught me that using the latest dental research along with holistic medicine lead to exceptional dental health. They’ve taught me that the lifestyle choices we make every day affect our dental health in a big way.” — Dr. Alan Green

The Natural Dentist

Alan's Why

"I really love helping folks to feel and be healthier. I enjoy studying the perfection in nature, thrive on solving complex problems, and enjoy expressing my creativity as a dentist. But most of all, I feel privileged to be able to help people achieve comfort, health, beauty, and longevity.”

The Natural Dentist

Allyson's Why

"I am a Texas girl finally living out my Colorado dream. Born and raised in south Texas, I grew up on waterskis. In August 2016, my husband and I relocated our family 1000 miles away to Longmont, Co. We spend our free time enjoying the beauty outdoors mostly in the mountains. I’ve turned in my water skis for snow skis!"

"I have a true passion for health and wellness. I was diagnosed at 16 with ADD, at 28 years old psoriatic arthritis and at 37 with fibromyalgia. By 38 I was taking more medications than my 95 year old grandmother. Medications that my insurance company would want me to try, not my doctors. This is when I became my own advocate!"

Alpha's Why

"How to help life help itself so that it can fulfill its universal purpose which is to make itself more wonderful for everyone."

" As an artist, I pursue this vision. Being a dental assistant is a direct and hands on way of doing this. By expecting that every patient wants their life to be more wonderful, I'll assist in any way I can to make their lives more wonderful."

Teresa's Why

"Because my life is committed to service and empowering people to be the best that they are."

"I recently moved to Colorado from Baltimore to be closer with my family. I have over 25 years of HR and Marketing experience in the healthcare industry. I am a student of Reiki and meditation and I bring a calming, empowering sense of being to our employees and patients."

Julie's Why

"My family, my love for people and my desire to improve quality of life is why I work in dental service. Family drives my daily purpose. I consider many close to me as family. I would not recommend to anyone that I would not recommend to my own family. I believe we are here as a resource to guide one another to an appropriate path."

"I have worked in the dental field since 1997. I am from West Texas and moved to Colorado in 2012. My husband's job is what brought us to the Denver Metro area, but the relationships we have built is why we stay. I truly love making a positive impact on all persons within my path. Dentistry is just one of the modalities that enable me to do this. I enjoy giving back to our community through volunteer work. I have two children that light up my life. I graduated from the Dental Assistant Training School of West Texas in 1997. I attended CU and graduated with a bachelor of science in 2016. I have spent my dental Career as an assistant, a dental assistant instructor and office administration and management. "


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