Geography Of Teeth

Form Follows Function and Function Follows Form.


The geography of teeth is the shape and position of teeth in the mouth, in functioning arrangement with our facial bones, muscles and joints. The basic principle seen in nature and architecture is active in dentistry as well – form follows function and function follows form. The wear patterns on teeth tell a story of function. Muscle use and pain patterns show the brilliant compensations that you have developed as work-a-rounds to problems of form and location. Seeing teeth geographically, the changes in shape by erosion, fracturing, shifting, eruption and instability, look like the changes we see in our landscape, a changing terrain.

Observing the geography of your teeth with its changing terrain is essential to understanding the why of your present condition. How positive dental health changes occurs, is by improving the ecology of health and restoring the geography of teeth. By uncovering the causes of your dental health problems, we create healthy solutions.